We want our designs to begin with the consumer but not to end there. Our pieces are a conversation starter around the hard issues that we are all facing today. So, with every 'I love your jewelry' there is an emphasis behind explaining the choice to support a sustainable brand with your purchase.

Our Story

Chapter Six Jewelry was brought into being by Gemma Totten and Ahmet Uras, conceived in Bali, designed and manufactured in Turkey, and currently operating from California. This jewelry company enmeshed our shared values and represents the beauty we want to see in the world. Read more about our founding story here.

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Our Values

We currently have four values as guiding pillars to our company, and call upon these values which each decision we make. We hold ourselves to these standards and we hope you will too. Click to read more about Sustainability, Transparency, Education, and Giving Back on our values page.

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The Issue

All that glitters is not gold. The gold, diamond, and gemstone supply chains are environmentally destructive and loosely regulated. There is a lot that needs to be changed and we hope to bring these issues to light and work together towards impactful change in the mining industry.

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