Our pieces spark conversations around the ever-pressing climate issues we face today. With every, “I love your jewelry,” there is emphasis on supporting sustainable brands with your purchase.

What we choose to wear not only encodes it with meaning and intention, but also our energetic essence, elevating them beyond a material possession.

Our Story

Gemma Totten founded Chapter Six Jewelry. Designed and manufactured in Turkey, and currently operating from California, Chapter Six enmeshes their shared values, illustrates the beauty they witness along their travels, and channels creativity into activism to create harmony between humanity and nature.

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Our Values

Sustainability, Transparency, Education and Giving Back serve as our company’s guiding principles. With each decision, we strive to hold ourselves to these values.

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The Issue

All that glitters is not gold. The gold, diamond and gemstone supply chains are environmentally destructive and loosely regulated. Not only do we bring these issues to light, but more importantly, we work together to create impactful change in the mining industry.

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The Preserve Collection

The Preserve Collection

Behind the Scenes Preserve Collection November 23, 2021       The Preserve Collection was designed in ode to the plants. The plants...

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