2021 Goals

We want to publicly share some of our company goals for this year, so YOU (our amazing supporters and consumers) can understand where we plan to head as a company, and why.

Chapter Six Jewelry was launched in May of 2020, with no background or connections to the jewelry industry, just an idea, a love of design,  and the goal to create lasting change. We made choices that fit our values at the time (such as using CVD diamonds, lab grown gemstones and recycled gold), but we knew as we evolved, accumulated capital, and grew we would eventually want to make changes to our supply chain.

Through attending zoom webinars such as “The Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference” and  “The Living Room Series,” we have learned and recognized that using recycled and lab grown gemstones, while posing less of an impact on the environment, is not enough to claim true sustainability. The same goes for utilizing recycled gold. Although we are avoiding partaking in new mining, which is terrible on the environment, we are not addressing the bigger problem, which is that unethical and unsustainable mining will continue as long as there is gold on this earth to be found. We will continue to offer CVD diamonds because we have yet to find any diamond mines that we feel fit our values, and you as consumers have been loving the lab grown option.

We want to be an active participant in creating ethical supply chains in this industry, and a voice speaking up about what needs to change, plus contribute to the collect wave of brands working towards solving supply chain issues. All individuals involved in supply chains should have a voice and should be paid fairly. 

So, here is a deep dive into each goal on our list.

1. Offer Fairmined certified gold

This label ensures that miners are paid fairly for their labor. We think the fact that companies still exploit mine workers, and supply chains are still getting away with it today, is insanity. The Fairmined label is audited by a third party “that certifies gold from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations. It transforms mining into an active force for good, ensuring social development and environmental protection, providing everyone with a source of gold to be proud of.” (Fairmined)

We are currently in the process of contacting fairmined certified suppliers. Until then, we will continue to use recycled 14k gold and may offer both options in the future.


2. Source gemstones from ethical and traceable mines

We have been introduced to mines with women-run intiviates, which we would like to buy from and contribute to going forward. The two suppliers we are looking to buy from now on are Anza Gems and Nineteen48.

The problem is gemstones are expensive, and we would need to order in large quantities in order to make shipping gemstones around the world worthwhile. Cost is a huge barrier when it comes to sustainability, but we didn’t create this company to solely make a profit. Until we can afford to order a high quantity of gemstones, we will be using lab grown diamonds and creating designs that do not utilize stones.

3.Update our packaging to get rid of all plastic

Our packaging was a mistake. We are fixing it this year. Once we are out of boxes (and thank you many of you when purchasing have chosen to forgo a box - keeping us well stocked). We will use a pouch made from overstock fabric instead of a styrofoam liner. We love our box - so we will keep it for now. A full rebranding might be the move for 2022 but for now, this is the first step...

4 . Carbon Offset the year’s worth of emissions

We want to carbon offset our shipping. Right now we are looking to use https://www.climateneutral.org as our certifier, but we need to be in business for at least one year, so this is a goal we will revisit in May 2021.

5.  Be on track for a “B corp certification”

A “B corp certification” will give us legitimacy as a company. We love their mission of profit and purpose (ours too). Smart consumers want proof, not just empty claims. Again, proof is costly, and a “B corp certification” costs $1,000 a year, when we are already paying high prices. 

This is why this is a goal and we hope to increase sales to be able to afford paying this easily. We also have to be in business for a year to start the process, but we are looking into what documentation is needed and organizing accordingly. 

6. Host educational events that bring together our conscious community 

Yes, we are planning for the day when we can host in-person events once more. It never hurts to dream. We are teeming with ideas that bring together our passion for animals, the planet and our communities. The second it is safe to gather, you can count on us to host thoughtful events with a purpose.

As always, we ask for help from our community in achieving these goals. Change comes from the collective…..If you are another brand and have suggestions on gemstone suppliers, etc. please reach out to us.

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