Behind the Scenes

Preserve Collection

November 23, 2021




The Preserve Collection was designed in ode to the plants.

The plants have messages for those who listen. Miracles of beauty, gracing our lives with their presence. Plants breathe life into us, providing us with oxygen, medicine, and wisdom.

Through this collection we are honoring the role of plants that influence us in our lives. Protecting the biodiversity of plant species has never been more important…

Plants ask us to pay attention to the details, the natural rhythms we hurry by.. 

To slow down, use our senses… to ask for exactly what we need. To understand the cyclical rhythm of the world. That the stories of life and death are as old as time. They have a lot to teach us. This is our ode to their wisdom. May we learn it, remember it, and share it. Preserving this knowledge for all of humanity.

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