We discovered our love for jewelry design after our engagement. We wanted a ring that was meaningful to both of us, so the question “How do we find a ring that reflects our values?” was our guiding principle throughout the process.

Passionate about sustainability, we were conscious of the unethical practices within the jewelry industry, mainly, environmentally destructive mining practices, slave labor, and bloody supply chains. As we researched these issues, we became increasingly discouraged. There is so much greenwashing within the industry that we didn’t know how to differentiate between who was telling the truth and who wasn’t. Not wanting to perpetuate these long-standing industry horrors, we began collecting rings from our families with the intention of upcycling existing stones. As we amassed rings, we also collected stories, realizing how deeply meaningful jewelry is to individuals. Our marriage is a union, and through this union, we become agents of change with our passion and love. 

We’ve launched Chapter Six in 2019, during a time when we recognize that climate change is a scary reality facing humanity. As global citizens, we’ve often felt lost and hopeless in how we can contribute to a positive future. Through Chapter Six Jewelry, we hope to raise awareness about supply chain transparency, ethical consumption and the importance of taking action. Because jewelry is one medium that highlights the beauty in the world, it reminds us of not only of our collective dependency on the planet and it’s shining resources (like gold and precious gems) but of commitments, special moments, and loving ourselves.

We want our designs to begin with the consumer but not to end there. Our pieces are a conversation starter around the hard issues that we are all facing today. So with every, ‘I love your jewelry,’ there is an emphasis behind explaining the choice to support a sustainable brand with your purchase. At the same time we want our brand to push the jewelry industry forward. This means saying NO to new mining, and instead, recycling precious metals and gemstones already in circulation. 

As we continue to research and implement better practices, transparency with our consumers is key. Because giving back is at the core of our being, we donate 10% of our net revenue to Re:Wild. 

Profit without purpose is pointless.

With Gratitude,

Gemma and Ahmet